1. Stratospheric Soot 2. Rocket Propellants
3. Martian Madness 4. Helium
5. Re-entry Debris 6. Suborbital Debris
7. Plutonium in Space 8. Cosmos 1818
9. Re-useable Rockets 10. Space Tourism
11. Launch Accidents 12. Ozone Depletion
13. Overview Effect 14. HAPS
15. Sustainable Space 16. Our Long Future

Rocket Propellants

Rocket fuel plus oxidiser makes rocket propellent. There are five main types of rocket propellant with lots of variants. The main five are listed below.

Often, more than one rocket propellant is used in a rocket. Below, is an Indian GSLV D5 rocket and its propellant mix, and the levels of the atmosphere in which these propellents are burnt.