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Join us on a quest to last a billion years.

The Habitable Zone

Life has existed on Earth for over 3.8 billion years because Earth's orbit around the Sun is not so distant that all the water freezes, nor so close that all the water boils off.

Earth is said to occupy the Goldilocks zone, or more scientifically, the Circumstellar Habitable Zone.

Scientists tell us that Earth will continue remain in this zone and be habitable for another 1.75 - 3.25 billion years. Beyond this time, the Sun will expand and eventually Earth will be baked dry, taking all of life with it.

This means that your business could be providing goods and services over a billion years from now!! This is what we refer to as the Long Future.

However, in order to enjoy the Long Future, we need to protect the Planetary Boundaries.

Watch this video reporting on the University of East Anglia research showing that we have more than a billion plus years or more before the Sun kills off life on Earth.
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