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Empowering Leaders to Understand and Protect Our Home Planet for the Long Future

Executive Briefing on Long Future Sustainability

The Executive Briefing is an intensive half-day masterclass in Long Future Sustainability that seeks to boost your knowledge, passion and drive to empower you in your role in the transformation of society to the world we all deserve.

The event consists of three one-hour parts, followed by networking session. Each part consists of powerpoint, spoken work, interactive participant activities, videos, unique audio/visual content and music.

Whether you are new to the conversation about sustainability, or an old hand, Long Future has developed this presentation for you by creating and curating content that many people have never considered part of the dialogue about sustainability.

Part of the Long Future Executive Briefing Series

Key benefits for participants:

Identify hidden and future risks to your organisation

Learn about exciting new business opportunities

Sustainability frameworks to apply to your products & services

Networking with participants and the Long Future team

Exciting - and sometimes scary - new ideas to share with collegues

Knowledge, passion and drive to contribute to the Long Future

Part 1
The theory behind the the Executive Briefing - Sources of truth and untruth - History and science of sustainability - The Anthropocene - Planetary Boundaries - The Long Future Framework

Part 2
The Bear & Joo-Janga Glasses - Power & Historical Patterns - Stepping stones to the Collapse - Grim to Empathy audio-visual experience - Complexity in Sustainability - The 'Restoring Natural Capital' Framework

Part 3
Other Sustainability Frameworks (The Natural Step, The Circular Economy, The Blue Economy) - Concepts for Sustainability in Business - Applying the Frameworks Activity - Case studies in sustainability - Celebrate Sustainable audio-visual experience - Inventing Possibility & Mass Ecophiny.

Extracts from Executive Briefing 8 March 2017, QUT Brisbane

The Network of Corporate Control

Things Made of Oil

The Bear & Joo Jango Glasses

Power in Society

Why you should attend the executive briefing
Attendees will come away feeling that the world suddenly makes sense, confident that they have edge over their competitors, and more than ever able to see the elephants in their own board rooms.