Empowering Leaders with Knowledge of the Long Future
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Join us on a quest to last a billion years.

Long Future is a revolutionary new system framework that helps identify risk and value in the world's most powerful driver of global change, thus illuminating pathways to prosperity and corporate survival.

The system is presented through an interactive multi-media event called the Long Future Executive Briefing.

The Long Future Executive Briefing is not another workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Shared Value, or the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). It is so much more.

Instead, it’s an invitation to an intellectual and philosophical enquiry about who we are as modern humans, what we are doing on this planet, and why.

Designed for Directors, Governors, Executives, Management, and anyone in a posiition of leadership, the Executive Briefing is a frank appraisal of the world that we have created, what we have baked into the future, and the extraordinary opportunities that come from this enlightenment.

Conducted over three hours to an audience of up to 30, the Long Future Executive Briefing includes powerful audio-visual, power-point, passion, spoken word, and registrant participation.

Participation in this unique event will equip you with the knowledge, empathy and insights to position your organisation as one that can not just survive, but thrive, into the Long Future.

Attendees will come away feeling that the world suddenly makes sense, confident that they have edge over their competitors, and more than ever able to see the elephants in their own board rooms.

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